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Who We Are & What We Do

Psycho-Educational consists of an experienced and professionals team of two including Elizabeth Nesbitt who is a Psycho-Educational Examiner and Dr. Henry B. Venema who is the Ph.D., Child Psychologist specialist. With over 35+ years experience in working with children, together they have made it their mission to assess children, and adolescents to identify learning challenges and/or disabilities. We also assess mature adults looking for answers regarding their struggles acquiring on-the-job training and/or advancement within their present employment placement. Using the latest tools and a battery of tests, we are able to determine an individual’s overall intelligence (IQ), particular learning style, information processing abilities/deficits and academic skills.  In conclusion, we provide the parents or individual with recommendations based on results that will ease the learning process and maximize potential.

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Psycho-Educational Examiner


As an examiner/ consultant, I have extensive experience in various forms of education including classroom teacher, specialist teacher of the blind/visually impaired, and completing psycho-educational assessments for the Renfrew County District School Board. Since retiring from the school board in 2001, I have been working with Registered Psychologist, Dr. Henry Venema, completing private comprehensive Psycho-Educational Assessments in Renfrew.


Ph.D., C.Psychologist


Dr. Venema has been a practicing psychologist in Renfrew County since 1976. He was part of the Adult Counseling Department at the Pembroke Regional Hospital for 20 some years. After leaving the hospital he has been in private practice serving as a consultant to various agencies such corrections both provincial and federal, long-term care residences such Marianhill and Groves Park, and he has provided services such as assessments for Ontario Works and Developmental Services. He maintains a small practice providing therapy to veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces. He also provides supervision and consultation to several mental health practitioners. Since 2001 Elizabeth and he have collaborated in providing psych/educational assessments for children, adolescents, and adults.

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