How Do You Know if a Learning Disability is Present?

Although there are many different types of learning disabilities, many students experience similar processing and learning difficulties.

In general, you are wise to pursue an assessment if you notice on-going problems with any of the following:

  • Difficulties paying attention or following directions
  • Difficulties paying attention or following directions
  • Experiences frustrations doing grade-level work at any age
  • Have gaps in skills or inconsistent grades
  • Has memory and organizational problems
  • Experiences a decline in grades or school performance
  • Have consistent problems getting homework done
  • Routinely runs out of time on tests
  • Tells you she/he hates school or refuses to go

How Will an Assessment Help?

A true learning disability never goes away, but when an assessment is done, it can help you and the child learn to overcome any learning obstacles. An assessment will detail what kind of learning disability is present, allowing you to gain insight on better learning practices.